Sunday, August 15, 2010

summer vacation

It's rough, being on vacation. especially when vacation is here:

Season Opener

Of course schlepped an entire carload of supplies. I work full time, so it's not often i have daytime crafting opps. Today's day 2. Productivity is my middle name.

pretting rings

I freaking love making pincushions. Once i get started, I can't stop. Seriously, one would be plenty. and yet...


see anything super-exciting? how about these gems?


I stumbled across a fq of fmf tucked away in a corner at my lqs and snatched it up.

fmf pincushion ring

In terms of construction, making these was pretty simple once i figured out how big to cut the circle.

Check this one out. It's Heather Bailey Fresh-cut. This print is Dahlia, but i fussy-cut it to look like a little bit of sea life.

HB dahlia (aka sea life) pincushion ring

Want one? All ten of these are for sale in my shop.