Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas, ma delp

To be clear, I don't know Susie Delp. but I do know her daughter-in-law. A friend from high school and college, we reconnected through the miracle of Facebook. A few weeks ago I finally created a fan page for my little business, and my friend, seeing my pincushion rings, asked if I'd ever made a writstlet pincushion.

I hadn't. Until then, my pincushion wearables had been of the finger-adorning variety.

dandy dozen

My gal-pal said she thought her MIL wasn't really a ring-wearing type of lady, and she asked if I'd design a wristy for her instead. I guess they're not for everyone.

dandy damask pincushion ring

Always one to accept a challenge, particularly of the creative type, I told her I'd give it a go and would have something ready for her to give her MIL for Christmas.

[note to self: do not accept creative challenges two weeks before Christmas.]

Actually, it was fun. It definitely took some trial and error - quite a bit of error, but in the end it turned out great.

My first really successful execution was a little too large. You know those mega-muffins they sell at Costco and Sam's Club? Think that size.
too big

The construction was a success, but it was just enormous. More than a bit unwieldy. Not really practical for everyday use (though hella-cute, if I do say so myself).

too big

So another trip to my favorite pincushion base shop proved fruitful for a lower-profile design. 

just right
just right

For perspective, here are the "too big" and "just right" wristy pincushions together. 

Merry Christmas, Ma Delp. I hope you enjoy it! I like it so much I think I'll make one for myself now, too. 

Happy holidays to everyone. Peace and joy, 

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