Thursday, September 23, 2010

flipping the coin

Making progress on the WIP I started over labor day weekend. Football season is great for my sewing productivity.

Game Day Quilt

But the dawn of another football season means the end of another summer. Our neighbors already have their pier out.

Game Day Quilt

It's 92 degrees in Indiana today. Today is September 23. Kids went back to school on August 10th. Pools are closed. Did I mention it's 92 degrees?

We had the driest August on record, and folks around the office were positively agog when the skies opened up yesterday for a few minutes.  I don't like to admit it because I'm such a summer girl, but I'm ready for cooler weather. Though my tomatoes are still getting fat and ripe. Proof that there's a bright side to be found everywhere if you're willing to flip the coin.

For example: my husband will be gone all day Saturday at the ND game, which gives me roughly 14 hours to play in my studio. Fun times ahead!

[quilt details: hunky dory + kona burgundy = sublime. i kept the charms full size and set the whole thing on point. I'll talk more to the process when I get it backed, quilted, and bound.]

Thursday, September 9, 2010

she's a maniac

What you need to know is that i'm making hexies. Lots and lots of hexies. More than a thousand. And to make said hexies, i need fabric squares. More than a thousand, with no repeats.  

Cindy and I are swapping some 2.5" squares for our hexagon adventures, and we decided to swap pincushions, too. She makes the most darling selvage pincushions. Look what she's sending me!

2" selvage pincushion

Seriously cute, right?  It's 2x2.  I can hardly wait to hold it in my little hand. Two by two! 

Here's what I'm sending her.


The fabric for the pincushion ring is a wee bit of Sketchbook from Anna Maria Horner's "Drawing Room" line of home dec. I bought a ton of it last year to make curtains for my kitchen, and I've had fun since then rationing what's left.  Of all her fabrics, this is my favorite. 

sketchbook /HDAH01 Ivory

It's mesmerizing. Good for daydreaming and otherwise letting your mind wander. Whenever I look at it, I see new patterns and different details. For example, I just noticed this. 

say cheese

Is it just me, or is it smiling?  And a bit maniacally, too .

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Go Irish!

2 Hunky Dory charm packs
1 yard of Kona Burgundy
1 book on tape
7 uninterrupted hours of college football

WIP - go irish