Sunday, October 31, 2010

trick or treat

We live on a cul de sac, so there's never really a deluge of costumed wee folk. it's more of a trickle. a drip, even.  

Lucky for me, I have this one keeping watch to raise the alarm the moment anyone dares breach the perimeter of her domain,


 and 40 yards of tulle on hand to pass the time.

Trick or treat

Thursday, October 21, 2010

$100 surprise

I've mentioned before that I tend to be a bit Type A. And when I say "a bit," I mean "totally."  That said, surprises are not really my thing. So when Heather Ross announced her studio sale, I considered carefully before  deciding to play.

Then, in typical Type A fashion, I drafted my "notes" in Word in advance, so that I could be as thoughtful and deliberate as possible. It paid off.

Most of these cuts are between 1/4 yard and 1/2 yard. Lots of West Hill, some Lightening Bugs, and two huge, kick-ass cuts of FFA II.

Now the only question is, what to do... stay tuned for an upcoming post entitled "Diary of a Fabric Hoarder." I know you can relate.