Sunday, April 24, 2011

save me! (from myself)

Astute readers will have figured out by now that I didn't finish my Friday Night Brights quilt as planned. I have two excuses reasons:
1) 168 2.5-inch squares take a hella long time to sew together when you have to keep them in perfect order and orientation. oy.
2) i have an idea to make this even more complicated better!

For reals, though. It took longer than I thought to sew the squares together, so I didn't get it basted and quilted on Sunday as planned. Instead, I finished piecing (and seam-ripping, and re-piecing) the top. There was much swearing.

With that done, I packed the quilt top and headed off to my weekly sewing circle on Wednesday night. We start each gathering with show & tell before beginning work, and the girls were on pins and needles to see my rainbow. There was much suspense.

And then it was my turn. I slowly reached into my bag, caught hold of a corner, and whipped it onto the table with a flourish! The initial squeal of delight that always accompanies our reveals was lackluster and stunted. "What?!" I demanded. There was an awkward silence.

"I dunno...I guess I just thought it would be bigger," said Val.
"Yeah, from your photo it looked like it took up the whole design wall, " said Dayna.
"What's it going to be?" asked Barb.


"It WAS big," I explained. "It took up the whole design wall! But I lost a half inch from each square when i pieced it! And it's a quilt! A baby quilt....I guess. I'll add a border!"

They were ruthless. RUTHLESS. So we hung it on Dayna's design wall and threw out ideas all night for how to make it a "real quilt."

The next thing I knew, this is what i'd committed to:

Option 1: pink middle

Calm down. Calm down! That's just some fancy photo work.

Or, should it be this?
Option 2: blue middle

OR should I just stick to the original?
Friday Night Brights

Your thoughts? I'd love to hear...


  1. I'd go with the small quilt size, unless you have specific plans for it. Save yourself from the headache. If you go bigger, I think I like the pink in the middle, but they all look fun!

  2. Oh yum! I like all the versions - I love the first one but if you dont want to go bigger make the third and it is still lovely!

  3. I like the original the best....

  4. I love the first layout but that's a lot of work! Your original layout is beautiful. I agree that unless you have a specific plan for the larger size I would stick with what you have. The other layouts mean making 3x the amount of squares you have now, right?

  5. Wowza, Linds. You know I love ya and this itty bitty quilt! J.K. It it gorgeous and those two examples of what it could become are amazing as well. I don't know which of the three I like best, I love them all. I also love the idea of floating the small #3 in the middle of a large white quilt. Good work, young lady!

  6. Ah hem. First. I was misquoted. I expressed pure awe at the reveal.
    Now that my mind is blown I'll happily accept option A of the above choices for my loyalty and appropriate reaction to what is now "the sample" of the rainbow wonderfullness.

  7. You are a superstar! Given your time constraints, and that I believe that keeping your sanity intact is of utmost importance, go with your first option. It's gorgeous!