Saturday, June 4, 2011

all grows up

So I mentioned last week that my sister got married, which is why I've been so MIA for the last month or so. I'll take some time in the next week or so to talk more about the wedding and how beautiful she was and how I rocked my MOH speech. Right now I just want to share the quilt I made her (and Rob. it's for him, too!) for my wedding gift.

You may remember that she lived with me last summer and helped me photograph this quilt. 
Urban Amish Garden Party - 1

She was a good sport. 
Urban Amish Garden Party - 2

So for her wedding I wanted to make her a quilt of her own.  Ta da. 
Wedding Quilt for my sister (and Rob)

She's long moved out, so those are my husband's feet you see. 

I'd had a few FQs of Basic Grey's Blush for a while, and when I started to pull fabrics for her quilt, I was drawn to the browns, pinks and reds in this line for her. I rounded it out with a few more blue prints from the collection as well as some coordinating solids and almost-solids. The "grunge" prints from this line look great in person, but they do not photograph well. My camera got a little dizzy, I think. 
Wedding Quilt for my sister (and Rob)

I went witha strip pattern reminiscent of the quilt she helped me photograph last summer, but using wider strips to show off the interesting prints (that's a total lie. i used wider strips because this was a quilt-in-a-week-and-i-work-full-time situation. but that'll be our secret.). 
Wedding Quilt for my sister (and Rob)

For the quilting I chose a dark grey thread, which looks cool against the red on the back, and an all-over meandering pattern. This was my first time attempting it on a big quilt, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. And it was FAST. Holy stippling batman. I did it in one sitting!  To minimize my Type-A stress, I drew the design onto the quilt sandwich with a washable marker before sitting down at the machine.  Easy. Peasy. 

I'm really happy with how it turned out. The coordinating solids in blues and yellows pulled the palette together for me. And most importantly, they love it. 
Wedding Quilt for my sister (and Rob)

And my new quilt photography helper was a good sport, even when i asked him to crouch down ( lean back...raise your right stay there) so I'd have a footless shot :)
Wedding Quilt for my sister (and Rob)

This is the fourth quilt that I've made and given away. It gets easier every time. 


  1. LOL! The part about using bigger strips made me burst out laughing! Often I make design decisions based on what's going to take the least about of time! :) Great job, I'm sure she loved it!

  2. It's really pretty! I am all about quick quilts. I find the longer it takes me to make a quilt the less I like it when I am done. Those baby quilts I get whipped out in three days? Love them! My daughter's quilt that was 3 years in the making. Ugh, not so much. :)
    Great wedding gift!

  3. Oh, I love both of these quilts. You used a great mix of colors and prints.

  4. I did! I loved it! And great job, Jeff! If anyone knows how difficult it is to contort yourself to fit Lindsay's quilt photographing standards, its me. Thank you again for the lovely quilt (and the awesome MOH speech!)