Wednesday, June 29, 2011

vacation planning: WIP Wednesday

Last Saturday I spent 8 hours cleaning and organizing my sewing room as part of a multi-phase plan to get organized and stay that way.  I don't know when or how it got into such a state, but is was an utter disastrophe. Seriously. 

Now it's better. It's not perfect, but it's better. Way better. Perfect comes later. Anyway, phase I completed. Moving on. 

[note. this is where most people would include the before & after shots. Instead of doing that, I will simply relay one of my favorite quotes from Granda Lola, who will be 103 in November. "Cheryl Ann, when I die, please promise me that you won't tell anyone how many cookie cutters I had."  Interpret as you like.]

Phase II involves a promise I made to my husband in a fit of delirium. I said, "I'm going to concentrate on finishing the projects I have midstream before I start anything else. And until they're done, I'm only going to buy fabric to finish those - nothing else."  This was before Loulouthi, so I deserve some sort of award for making it this long, yes? 

We're leaving for a week's vacation at the family lake house tomorrow, so last night I started packing up my sewing artillery. I'm planning to spend two days sewing, so I selected two quilt tops to back, quilt, and bind. 

Article 1: Game Day Quilt. I started this one late last summer. 

AND I already have everything on hand to finish it.  [does this mean I could rationalize buying 2 or 3 yards of new stuff?!]

Article 2: Lollipatch. 
Lollipatch - WIP

This one is really embarrassing. i started it when my pal Laura was in the hospital having her baby. Well, Baby Maya had her first birthday a few months ago and the quilt top was still neatly folded in my fabric closet. 

I can't find a picture of Maya, so here's a pic of her older brother, Noah, when he was the age she is now. Use your imagination. They're both cutie-smunchkins. 
Not quite sure

I have one more (unphotographed) quilt top at home that I need to back, quilt, and bind, but this one requires a small online fabric purchase (with no add-ons, I swear), so it's not getting done next week. 

Once these three quilts are completed, it's on to the next Phase. And the next. 

Phase V, incidentally, is the really exciting bit. It's where I'm going to paint my sewing room, make new curtains, put up the organizational shelving system I bought at IKEA two years ago, and then smile like a Cheshire cat until my face falls off.    

What are you up to on summer vacation? 

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  1. Whose legs are those?! Are they mine?! If so, please someone make me go back to the gym. Otherwise, disregard my comment.

    I promise not to tell the world how many fatty quarter squares you have, if you promise not to tell the world how many shoes/sundresses I have. Deal :)

  2. lol!!! Dunno who Anonymous is, but I think those are some great legs!

    Back to quilts - Game Day and Lollipatch are marvelous tops. They'll be terrific quilted up!

  3. That's my sister, and yes, those are her legs :)

    thanks for your kind comment :)

  4. We have another three weeks at school, then just six week off (UK): I'm going to sew, sew and sew! I love the projects!

  5. I love both your quilts!! Great color choices!

  6. Go! Go! Go! (Cheering you on from the side lines.)

  7. Love the game day quilt--good luck finishing, and don't work too hard on vacation!

  8. Nice job organizing your space. My has fallen into disarray also. I really just have too much fabric for the space, but don't let my husband hear that! I am looking forward to an after pic once it's all painted and what not. :)