Friday, July 29, 2011

homegrown dinner

I hate that we have had a dry, dry July. Lawns are brown and parched, and people are shut up inside their houses, seeking a cool respite from the stifling oven that has been the great outdoors. If there's one bright side to all of this heat, it's...tomatoes. I was a few weeks late getting my garden in, so my tomato plants have positively exploded these past few weeks. The lettuce is still hanging in there, too. Soon-to-be-red-and-yellow peppers are growing, but still green. Carrots and beets are starting to look more like carrots and beets.

And tonight. Tonight!  Finally.  Dinner. 

Home grown dinner

Notice the brown grass. blech. 

The next month will be a an exercise in creativity and persistence as we reap the bounty of nine (NINE! but three volunteered.) tomato plants. I've got compost stockpiled for feeding if it's ever cool enough to actually do any sort of physical labor outdoors.  I've been preparing for the onslaught by trying my hand at making mozzarella and home made bread.  With mixed success.  But there's plenty of time and opportunity to practice. As an added bonus, my inner eye was working properly the day I planted, because I've got three different kinds of basil thriving as well. To top it all off, my sister-in-law was kind enough to bring me two bottles of the. most. amazing. balsamic vinegar from Oilerie a couple of weeks ago. 

I must pause here and tell you that if you have not been lucky enough to try this vinegar, you must MUST make it a priority. It's life altering. Warning: all other balsamic vinegar will be ruined for the rest of your life once you taste this. Trust. 

Meanwhile, after a palmful of false thunder alarms over the past few weeks, it's finally raining. My patio is steaming. And I prefer to imagine the plants in my window boxes are singing Golden Afternoon.  Or they will be tomorrow. 

What's happening in your garden? 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

just sayin'

Look what's on sale for $1.95 today at

You're welcome.

Or maybe "I'm sorry" is more appropriate.

ps - the color is "prune." PRUNE.

Monday, July 4, 2011

indiana corn report

If you're from Indiana, you know what "knee high by the fourth of July" means. For those of you not from Indiana, it's about corn and how tall it should be by July 4. Pretty straightforward.

So today is July 4 and in my one 5-mile trip from the cottage I passed roughly 111 corn fields. Here's the report: we're ahead of schedule! My very scientific from-the-car measurement has corn today at navel-height.

There will be no fireworks on the lake tonight. The official fireworks display was Saturday night, but I was otherwise occupied.

it could have been worse

Don't worry. We're fine. If you'd like a play-by-play account, head on over to flickr where I uploaded a ton of photos with lots of commentary. They're in a set here.

Anyway, I missed the fireworks Saturday night because I was on the phone with family and insurance and tree service and restoration service. Not all at once.

Astute readers will be wondering right now what caused the tree to fall onto the house. If it was a storm, how would there be fireworks? It was a storm, and I live in Indiana where the weather changes hourly.

Sunday night I started uploading photos and writing the commentary so that i could share the unbelievable tree removal story with my family who are spread out across the US of A.  [For those of you who want the short story here it is: three dudes. two ropes. one chainsaw. a slingshot. and a dozen amazing knots.] And then I turned around and caught sight of the most beautiful Indiana sunset. These photos are straight from the camera with no touch-ups or adjustments.

sunset 7-3-11

sunset 7-3-11

And then... omg.
July 3, 2011 sunset + fireworks

what a beautiful sight after 24 hours of chaos.

Speaking of chaos, I finished my Friday Night Brights quilt for the RK Kona Challenge and finally photographed it today. After much consideration, I decided to stick with my original design.

Friday Night Brights - finished!

That's the Dixie Boat. It's the oldest stern-wheel boat in Indiana.

I quilted the FNB with a zig zag echo and straight lines spaced 1" apart in the sashing.

Friday Night Brights - finished!

The binding is the bright stripe print from Remix by Ann Kelle, which looks so good cut on the bias.
Friday Night Brights - finished!

I've been wanting to do a quilt with rounded corners for a while, and I like how the soft corners work with the zigs and zags and straight quilting lines here. The backing fabric is part of a duvet cover I bought at IKEA a while back.
Friday Night Brights - finished!

No work done yet on the WIPs I wanted to finish this week. There's time yet. I'm hopeful.