Saturday, September 24, 2011

the golden hour

I realize I run the risk of becoming boring if I post multiples about one project. I TRY to limit each one to 2 posts, and so far I've succeeded.

That ends here. But I'll keep it short. I skipped town last weekend with some girlfriends, and Saturday was beYOUtiful. Like any insane quilter, I brought along my latest completed quilt top and my big-girl camera just in case a brilliant photo opp presented itself.

ta da.
habitat challenge

I know, right!? this is the Habitat quilt that I'm finishing up for the Modern Quilt Guild's latest challenge project. note: pay no attention to seams pressed every which way. my type-A is selective. 
habitat challenge

I wrote about this same quilt last week, so I'll keep it short. Really, this one's about the photos.
habitat challenge

don't you just love it when you perfectly catch the golden hour? everything looks so vibrant. In this quilt's case, it IS quite vibrant. Still.
habitat challenge

perfect lighting does not, however, cover flaws of gross misconduct. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Article A. (hi!):
habitat challenge

thanks to my pal, Jill, for being a good sport about traipsing around, holding up the quilt top, teetering on the edge of first the sea wall, and then the pier, and then "run with it, like a cape!" (which didn't work. at. all.) All this while the rest of the gang peered on with mild interest.

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  1. its turning out great! I love that you used that Bears fabric. I cannot make myself mix it with the rest of them.