Monday, October 3, 2011

the neverending [quilt] story

i solemnly swear that this is the last time i will write about this quilt. until then...

yay! it's done! and it's superfantastic!
habitat challenge - done! front

here's a quick recap for first time readers. this quilt is part of The Modern Quilt Guild's participation in the Habitat Challenge, wherein masochistic quilters signed up to make something [the IMQG chose quilts] using a random selection of the fabrics. I outlined the rules, which I totally broke, in this post. We won't dwell on that.

the size of these blocks ended up really manageable. I cut 8.5" squares of all of my print and solid fabrics, and then used my #1 favorite HST making technique from Missouri Star Quilt Company. In case you missed it last time around, here it is. Watch, and be amazed.


What was i saying? oh, yes - the blocks. They came together quickly and easily.
habitat challenge - done! front

For the back, I used 2 of my favorite prints from the collection, picked up at a new local fabric shop, The French Seam.
habitat challenge - done! back

I quilted it with straight lines in three directions, set 1/4" from the inside of all three sides of the print triangles, so that all of the solid squares remain blank.
habitat challenge - done! front detail

I'd like to pause for a moment and tell you something hilarious. My friend katie affectionately calls one of the prints in the above photo the "bears" print. Two points if you ID which one and tell me why she calls it that.

And, oh look! how fancy on the back!
habitat challenge - done! back

For the binding I selected yet another high-impact print from the collection. I added that narrow bit of kona charcoal sashing to the front to help this print really pop.
habitat challenge - done! binding

Tomorrow this one is winging its way to Glenwood Springs, CO in time for a wedding on Saturday.
habitat challenge - done! front at twilight

I'm sad to see it go, but happy it has such a special purpose.


  1. Its pretty, you can post about it anytime! Im guessing the orange and dark zebra type print because from my computer it looks the colors of the chicago bears... just guessing!

  2. Oh I love it! I was going to piece together tiny baby pieces to make my back but after seeing yours I think I'll just go buy some yardage of my favorite pattern instead because well I'm lazy and I all my pieces are so tiny

  3. THANKS, Katie. yes, and it's 40% off at The French Seam. DO IT!

  4. My guess is the spotty one, as it looks like Pudsey Bear's spots, but as he is UK' children in need charity mascot, probably not. Don't apologise fir showing this quilt again, I LOVE looking at it!!

  5. it's gorgeous! love this fabric line, it looks so good in this quilt! i have no idea why she calls it the bears print, but i'm gonna need you to tell me why or it will bother me. LOL! it's not something i can google!