Wednesday, April 4, 2012

big finish

As a follow up to my last post I wanted to quickly show some photos of my finished Friday Night Brights Redux. Even though I've made this quilt once before, there was still a nice sense of accomplishment and excitement when I pulled it out of the washer (does everyone say "washer" or is that an indiana thing? or did I inherit it from me Pennsylvania parentals? hmm.).

We had a VERY unseasonably warm and beautiful March in Indiana, with trees bursting into bloom weeks ahead of "schedule." Sunday (two weeks ago) was, in short, totes amazeballs. It was warm, not hot. Breezy, not windy. Sunny, with a few clouds. So at 6:45 PM at the height of "the golden hour" we packed up and headed to the best place I could think of to photograph my FNB Redux quilt. The local high school football stadium.

We started outside, not wanting to gate crash.
go greyhounds

The light. was. perfect.
FNB windy

And then we found an open gate and ventured inside. First, the tunnel, with back light. And a sun flare bonus!
assistant at work

[at this point, I would just like to acknowledge that this talk about being cautious to enter is a total lie. we went there to gate crash. and gate crash we did.]

Jeff likes to pride himself on being able to completely disappear behind the quilts that he's holding up. Sometimes it works.
Friday Night Brights redux

FNB in the stands

Sometimes it doesn't. But I'm not complaining.

This is the one he's most proud of, because he's 6'2 and the quilt is 44" tall (x 38 wide, fyi). Anyway, we meandered onto the field for a couple of final shots as we were losing daylight.
FNB on the field

This one caught the last rays of real light. 
FNB back & front

As mentioned previously, I backed this one in a print from Laurie Wisbrun's Modern Whimsy range for Robert Kaufman fabrics. As a bonus, the aqua in this print matches perfectly with one of the colors in the Kona Brights charm pack I used on the front. And it looks great with the binding print, Bright Stripe from Ann Kelle's Remix range.
FNB back

The FNB Redux quilt is now safely stationed in its new role as "store sample" at Crimson Tate, where you'll be able to purchase copies of the pattern starting in a week or so. I'm happy to report she's settling in and making herself at home.


  1. It's wonderful! Great location choice for all of your pictures.

  2. Yes! What a fine looking quilt. :)

  3. Came here via JeniB's "favorites" post. Gorgeous, gorgeous quilt! And I love the photos and location. I really need to scope out some good quilt photo locales...

  4. I've been admiring this in Crimson Tate for a while now! Will you be offering this class again this summer?

    1. Aw, thanks so much for the quilt love. We don't have this quilt class on the spring schedule, but I'll mention the idea of another FNB session to Heather. Thanks!

  5. lol! I love that you took it to the football stadium.

  6. Hi there, I found this blog through In Color Order's favorites as well, and I love this quilt! And the photos are gorgeous, too -- phenomenal light. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi! I was looking for inspiration for a rainbow quilt today, saw this on In Color Order's blog. I didn't read the post, so I was really surprised when I saw the real thing at Crimson Tate today. I took that as a sign & I'm now going to make my own version. What a beautiful quilt. Thanks for sharing.