Friday, September 20, 2013

game day quilt - big finish

I've finished quite a few quilts that I haven't posted about yet. So, let's start with my Game Day Quilt.

If you'll recall, I started this quilt in September 2010, and then in July 2011 I said that I was taking it on vacation to finish.

In July 2012 I posted a teaser with some in-progress quilting.

And then I finished the quilt very shortly thereafter. I unearthed it a month or so ago and realized that I never photographed the finished product. Can do!
Game Day Quilt 3

It's funny to look at this quilt and think about how I'd do this differently if I was to make it again. I had no idea how to set blocks on point when I started this one. 
Game Day Quilt 2

It's still something that makes me sit and think and check my reference books (or pinterest board nowadays!), but I can say with all certainty that I'd come at it differently now that I've got a few more years of experience. 
Game Day Quilt 1

I backed the quilt with a feature print from the Hunky Dory line. In my mind, this quilt's orientation is decidedly landscape, so the print wasn't quite wide enough to span the back. I added a strip of kona burgundy inlaid with a few patchwork squares that I pieced from my trimmings when I square up the quilt. 
Game Day Quilt Back

The quilting is a series of (semi)straight lines, which, overall feels more than a little retro to me. There's something about this that says "tube socks and roller skates," right? Maybe it's the vanagans or the whimsy. Or both. 
Game Day Quilt Quilting