Sunday, February 3, 2013

steal this quilt

Violet Craft wrote a humble and poignant blog post a few days ago in which, among other things, she acknowledged the incredible size of her task to pick a winner from the entries submitted in the flickr photo pool. I don't envy her.

I tried hard not to pay much attention to what others were working on until after I had my own quilt done, because I didn't want to be influenced by anyone else's work. Since then, I've spent a decent amount of time pouring over all of the photos in the flickr group and leaving messages on all of the ones that moved me for one reason or another. I empathize with Violet very much, so I thought I'd try to ride a mile on her donkey, so to speak, and pick a winner of my own. I based my choice 100% on my personal taste and style by asking myself the following two questions:

  1. do I wish I made that? 
  2. do I want to steal that? 

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present -- my winner (created by flickr user theglasdiva):

Madrona Road Quilt Challenge

I love absolutely everything about this quilt.  The design is perfect. The integration of solids is perfect. The quilt has a wintery feel despite the springy cheerfulness of the fabrics, and there is such terrific movement in this design that my eyes never stop. Even so, it's very zen.

In short, I wish I'd made it and I want to steal it. I want it. I will take it and hide with it for years in an underground cave, and then after I lose it in a game of riddles, I will follow a pair of tricksy hobbitses through the gates of Mordor only to jump into the fire of Mount Doom to be with it forever. My precious.

There were a lot of great projects submitted, and based on what I've seen on Instagram, there are many more still in progress [deadlines suck].  I created a flickr gallery with some of the others that caught my eye.

Do you have a favorite?  Who's your winner?