Thursday, February 27, 2014

Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets Trivia

Over on Facebook, I've organized a read-along for the Harry Potter series. There are about 45 of us reading and chatting about 75-100 pages each week. We started with Book 1 the first week in January and have just finished reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets this week.  If you care to join us, it's not too late. The group is open and you can still easily catch up.

When we started the read-along, there was much energy and excitement. My sister, wise as she is in matters of the heart, advised me that the enthusiasm would taper off if I didn't actively try to keep it going. So, as we slog through the doldrums of February, may I present... trivia.

Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets Trivia

Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets Trivia

Second years, see how well you paid attention to the details by answering the following 10 questions about Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets:
  1. What sound is deadly to the basilisk?

  2. the cardinal's song
    the hen's cluck
    the rooster's crow
    the crow's caw

  3. How does Ron try to fix his wand?

  4. witchastik

  5. What did Dumbledore teach before he became headmaster?

  6. transfiguration
    defense against the dark arts
    history of magic

  7. Who was Headmaster or Headmistress when Riddle was a student at Hogwarts?

  8. albus dumbledore
    dedalus diggle
    armando dippet
    perenelle flamel

  9. What do you call a magic-born person who has no magic?

  10. squirrel

  11. Where does Harry land after using Floo Powder for the first time?

  12. Flourish & Blotts
    Florean Fortescue's
    Borgin & Burkes
    The Leaky Cauldron

  13. Who is the Slytherin house ghost?

  14. Nearly Headless Nick
    The Bloody Baron
    The Grey Lady
    The Fat Friar

  15. What year was Hagrid in when he was expelled?

  16. 2nd

  17. What is the title of Gilderoy Lockhart's autobiography?

  18. Magical Me
    Marvelous Me
    Marvelous and Magical
    Magical and Marvelous

  19. What creatures does Lockhart let loose in the classroom?

  20. Yorkshire Wexies
    Northumber Nargles
    Dover Nymphs
    Cornish Pixies

Well done, second years. You're moving onto year 3.